The Highlander Takes a Bride

The Highlander Takes a Bride - Lynsay Sands Just where the heck is my very own kilted hero…not that this heroine couldn’t take care of herself!
This book was funny, fresh, a great romance AND a great mystery. I loved Saidh and the fact that she really was literally a kick butt heroine (just look at all the brothers she had to grow up with!)

The mystery is just how did cousin Fenella’s husband's
all die? She has had 4 already. We find out right quick who and what killed the first one, and most importantly for lovers of romance –the why of it. Vengeance is a dish best served cold…except for this one! Now with the fourth husband (the perfect one!) out of the way…so to speak, Saidh feels a wee bit of guilt in the matter and has come to help Fenella.

Of course Saidh soon meets the new Laird and he is a doozy…now her time is spent fending off the feeling that one minute she wants to hit him upside the head and the next minute she wants to see what is under his plaid! Well at least until someone starts trying to kill her.

Interesting characters, action - though not too much, and a mystery that is quite tangled but not too difficult to figure out (if you really want to). But I suggest you just let the story unwind and let the mystery play out for you without you worrying about who-dun-it!

Great fun read.