Smoke on the Water (Sisters of the Craft)

Smoke on the Water (Sisters of the Craft) - Lori Handeland Sadly, this is the last book in this trilogy. For me, it is a good thing because this was the first book I read. Now I can go back and read the first two and already know how it will all play out. So I don’t know how well this book is going to tie everything up, but knowing Lori Handelands writing from my previous experiences with her, I know that however it combined the first two books, the effort will have been stellar.

I did find this book to drag a bit in places and to be somewhat repetitious at times, but the plot-line was so fresh (the only book I have ever read that came close to it, was an erotica by M. A. Evereaux called “North Wolf”) I so totally enjoyed the whole kit and caboodle. The idea of not having anyone in the world and then finding out you have two sisters, to find out you are a witch and not only that but you can teleport/transport people (very Star Trek!) you have visions that come true, and to top it off not only are you going to help save the world but you are going to fall in love with someone you’ve known in your visions…*sigh*

This book did it so well for me, that I have already gone and bought the first two books in this trilogy and as soon as I can I am going to delve into them and have a reading fest!
The twists and turns in the plotting of this book was great, although I must admit to knowing who was going to be behind Sebastian’s abduction before the author told us.

I recommend this whole heartedly and even if you do not feel like reading the first two books –this book has no problem being a stand-alone.