A Lawman's Christmas (McKettricks, Book 14)

A Lawman's Christmas (McKettricks, Book 14) - Linda Lael Miller A Lawmans Christmas (McKettrick Book 14)– Linda Lael Miller (Sept 27th)

When the town Marshall ups and leaves Blue River, Mrs. Nolan is left without a husband, her two daughters are left without a father and the town is left without a Marshall. Now the town fathers tell Dara Rose she and her daughters must leave their shack of a home and right before Christmas too!

Luckily for the town (and Mrs. Nolan) Clay McKettrick is coming to start a new ranch and to take up the slack of the missing Marshall. His conscience will not let him uproot Dara Rose and her family, but his libido is telling him to make her his. And to do it soon. Will Dara Rose take a chance that she may be in for another “marriage of convenience” or will this be the real thing?

I love Christmas books and Ms Miller has usually put me in the Christmas spirit. But as much as I usually look forward to a few hours of warmth, this particular book just seemed too similar to several other Christmas books I’ve read in the last couple of years. Granted, I don’t think that there is an original plot left to write about. Especially in this genre. But the idea of the town displacing a single mother during the brutal winter at Christmas time, just seems a tiny bit trite.

I do have to admit that on the other hand it does make for a comforting read when you know exactly what is going to happen.

Happy reading and Happy Holidays!