DINO HO HO HOs!: A boxed set of dino lust

DINO HO HO HOs!: A boxed set of dino lust - Pebbles Rocksoff This is what happens when you take a best selling romance author like Susan Donovan, who writes amazing books like these - [[ASIN:0312939507 The Kept Woman]], http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003E4CXUE?keywords=susan%20donovan&qid=1449608088&ref_=sr_1_10&sr=8-10 and set her loose in the Cretaceous period to have her write a satire about a bunch of horny dinosaurs and a pair of sisters...then throw into the mix the guy who sent these sisters back in time, named Hans Fukengreoven.

This was the most fun I've had reading horrible parody in a long time. There is nothing erotic to see here, but there is a lot to hoot and holler about. I wish I could post some of the more memorable parts of this brief novella, but I don't think Amazon is going to let me talk about one din's love cudgel, or how much lube the sisters go through.

But the best was the ending of the second story and unfortunately you might not see the humor unless you love Mary Tyler Moore sitcoms!

Darn it all, now I can't get that theme song out of my head!