Kittens Can Kill

Kittens Can Kill - Clea Simon This was an interesting book that could be called a ‘cozy’ although I would not do so. This is the fifth book in the Pru Marlowe series. While some people could read this as a standalone, I would not suggest you do so. This was the first book I read in this series and found that because I hadn’t read the other four books, I was at a disadvantage.
The concept behind this series is an interesting one, although it has been done before. Pru is an animal behaviorist who can also ‘talk’ to animals and they talk to her. In this novel she sort of stumbles into, what on first glance, looks like an accidental death. A kitten that one of the deceased daughters got him is what causes Pru to be there in the first place. Confusion ensues, accusations are thrown back and forth and Pru is in the middle. Now Pru’s instincts are telling her it is murder.

I had several problems with this novel and the most difficult for me was the fact that the protagonist Pru is a difficult person to like or to feel empathy for. She may care for the animals but she sure doesn’t seem to give a darn for any humans and I have a feeling that this may have been explained in earlier books. (like why she is the *itch that she is). Her heavy drinking and bootie calls, leaves something to be desired also.

The writing and especially the dialogue is choppy and sometimes very difficult to follow, the clues are all there (some things are quite obvious right from the very start) but the characters choose not to ‘see’ them. While this pushes the book to the climax, it can make this a frustrating read.

I will admit to a curiosity that will have me reading at least the first book to see if some of my difficulties with this book and these characters had already been explained.

ARC supplied by publisher.