The Amish Midwife

The Amish Midwife - Patricia Davids I am starting to like Amish romances more and more, the older I get. I don't think I love the overt sexuality in other types of romances as much as I used to.

I worried about Amish based romances because I don't want to be preached to, or to be told that 'their God' is the only true one - I shouldn't have worried. Ms Davids adds religion to her romance in a very subtle way and also in a way that soothes your soul.

This was a very emotional story and it had me weeping in several spots, yet we do get a very happy HEA so never fear.

It all started with a tomato patch, a goat and a pair of very stubborn Amish neighbors and a well places thrown tomato, and soon turns serious when Joseph Lapps sister comes home and asks him to take care of her infant for a couple of days. Now Joseph needs help from the tomato thrower who also happens to be a midwife.

The romance is very subtle, the underlying plot is a good one and the secondary characters are not too 'pushy' but lend the right amount of incentive to push this couple a little closer together.

Ms Davids adds to her book a lot of interesting facts about cooking, pumpkins, goats,cheese making etc. and I liked that fact very much. It was not enough information that it takes away from the story, just enough to leave you a little more informed and maybe willing to try something new.

All in all this was an excellent read.