Moonshifted (Edie Spence)

Moonshifted (Edie Spence) - Cassie Alexander Moonshifted
An Edie Spence Novel
Cassie Alexander

I am so glad that I had the good judgment to give this author another try. I had been slightly unhappy with the last book but had seen the potential and this second novel is fantastic! If I was unhappy with the lack of world building in the last book, the author made up for that lack in this one. I now know so much more about Edie’s world and it really helps to get the reader ‘into’ the story/

Things are going tremendously weird in Edie’s’ life lately…the holidays…a were hit and run right in front of her - a were-war (well sort of) , Vampires’ ascending and being Anne’s Ambassador and sex but no romance. Jake (Edie’s brother) sort of going legitimate. Things going on behind the scenes and even a new type of creature. Well a self-made one at any rate. Wow. It was enough to nearly boggle the mind! I truly loved it.

I was kept breathless until the very end of the book and the surprise climax…well…let’s just say it really comes as a surprise to me. I’m so not sure where Ms Alexander is going to take this series because I did not and will not read the synopsis of the next book that was at the end of this one (I love surprises!).
Thank you Ms Alexander for giving me such a fun few hours! This was a riveting, engrossing and enthralling, FUN read.