Flavor of the Month

Flavor of the Month - Olivia Goldsmith How can I get the 13 hours it took me to read this back? I should have stopped reading at 30%, but I kept thinking that this is Olivia Goldsmith -it HAS to get better, right?

It was bad enough that you needed a score card to remember all the character's in this dreck book, but the whining of the main character's got me to the point that I had hoped they had all had something terrible happen to them.

Poor them-they are lovely, they are popular, they are making million's - my heart bleeds. Yes they have no privacy, but choosing this career path was, as I said-a choice.

To make matters for me worse, I went to amazon while still on my Kindle to read the reviews to see if anyone thought the same as I did -and one of the reviewers ruined a VERY important plot point.

The book does seem to pick up at the 75%, but by then I was skimming for good parts and it really got interesting at the end. However, it was mostly ruined by Jahnes' whining (love that spelling *rolling my eyes*good grief)

Stay far, far away even though it only costs $2.99 on Kindle and on Nook!