Copycat - Kimberla Lawson Roby I wish I had done some research on this author before I accepted it from the publisher for reviewing. I would have known then that it most likely wasn't the book for me, but I still would have kept an open mind. However, since I did agree to review it here goes:

I will not be doing a lot of recapping since you can get the gist of the story by reading the synopsis.

What I will tell you is that the story, while an interesting concept, was filled with unlikable characters and not just the protagonist. Traci was unlikable to me too and had a very unusual way of looking at the world around her. The naivete she showed when she ignored Simones 'copying' of her, was just another word for stalking and she should have seen that. Traci is supposed to be a smart, multi book published author yet she doesn’t know that her friend is turning into her twin sister??? I had to stretch myself a little way too far to give any credulity to this story.

That Simone can get away with putting off her fiancé like that was just another thing that stretch my disbelief.

Further, I am not a fan of fiction, especially women’s fiction, that goes as far as this book did to add Christian beliefs, bible verses etc.

This would have been all been a more believable read had it been for the young adult crowd.

To add to this: the writing was very flat, the characters are one dimensional and there was no growth of ANY of the character’s whatsoever.

*ARC supplied by publisher.