A Texas Holiday Miracle

A Texas Holiday Miracle - Linda Warren Take a pass unless you really love to suspend your disbelief to an extent that will amaze you!

I found this to be a difficult novel to get through. Not because of the subject matter; but because this was such a formulaic book. I realize that for books in this particular genre, published by this particular publisher formulaic is a critical issue. So readers of this author/publisher, this is a good thing. You will be relieved to find that this book sticks to the 'rules'. I couldn't deal with the stilted, cardboard characters - who for no reason at all would break out of character. It almost seemed as if this book was written in the 60's but modernized with a few words and actions, but not enough. For example: in one instance Lacey breaks out into 'twerking' in her kitchen and gets caught by the miserable hero Gabe who quips that he thought that Lacey was having a seizure. Hmmmm.

Take on ditzy, nearly clueless young woman, toss with a darkly brooding, tragic and hopelessly miserable yet very handsome man. Add a precocious child who at six, speaks and think like an adult. Unless it suits the author to do differently.

Blend in something that angers the child, something else that makes the man even more tragic and a huge dose of perky ditzyness and solemn advice from the heroine-shake well.

Now whisk in the Christmas holidays, the death of a beloved pet, a tiny bit of religion, optimism and some sexual heat (which seems quite inappropriate in this book).

Bake at 350 degrees - what you get is a nice toasty brown romance book.