Tall Tail: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (Mrs. Murphy Mysteries (Hardcover))

Tall Tail: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery (Mrs. Murphy Mysteries (Hardcover)) - Rita Mae Brown Tall Tail (Mrs. Murphy #25) by Rita Mae Brown

If you like your southern mysteries to flow as slow as molasses during a Northern February, then this cozy is going to be right up your alley. At about the fifth time I picked up this book, and the fifth time I found myself dozing off while reading it, I finally gave up.

I’m sorely getting tired of author’s pushing their personal agenda’s on me. I swore with the last Mrs. Murphy novel I read that did this, I was going to be finished for good...well she did it again. I don’t want to hear about organic gardening, I don’t want to read a book about the author’s politics or how they feel superior to the people in the Northern part of the country (Hint-the war is over). I don’t want another book that flits from era to era –maybe this flip-flopping had a point, but if it did then it just waited too long to let me know what that point was.

I finally gave up after my fifth snooze.

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