The Amish Bride

The Amish Bride - Emma  Miller So if you had to choose between two brothers like Ellen does in this novel, would you pick the younger than you, handsome, funny, devil-may-care one or the more established but broodier one that has two little boys from his first marriage? Oh, and the broodier one just happened to court you years ago! While this sounds like a very light hearted book, it really does go deeper than I make it sound. Yes this is a fun book that gives you a thrill but this book also keeps things within a Christian/Amish perspective. There are several stories and issues going on at the same time and I hope the next two books in this series will touch on them and maybe give us closure to at least one of these loose threads.

Ellen is being coerced (sort of) to make a choice to marry one of two brothers. This is a plan cooked up by Neziah’s and Micah’s father as well as Ellen’s own father. Ellen will think and pray on it for a month and the brother’s have a month to win her over.
I found the story-line held my interest to the point that I did not want to put it down to go to sleep – I just wanted to keep reading to see what Ellen would do! Ellen was a nice and strongly written character and the brother’s were written with just enough withheld to keep us guessing as to who would really be the best choice.

I liked being able to put myself in Ellen's shoes and try to think which brother I would choose - I loved the brother she did end up with.

The extra layer of angst with Ellen’s mothers illness was a nice and timely touch and handled with a lot of compassion. I hope we will see what will happen and how the Amish would handle something like this in a future book, novella or short story.

I am not a religious person and sometimes this makes some reader’s of my reviews angry to the point that they comment that I shouldn’t be reviewing Christian books if I am not one. However, what I will tell you is that I love learning about all sorts of religions, different ways of life and other culture’s and that is what I base my review’s on. I love the fact that these books are teaching me about the Plain People and giving me a gentle lesson in Christianity at the same time.