First Wives Club, The

First Wives Club, The - I just finished First Wives Club - I have it in paperback since Amazon doesn't sell it in Kindle. I must have had this book since the early 90'a and never read it. But I recently watched the movie again and found this copy in my bookcase. Lucky me.

Well if you've seen the movie, try really hard to grab a copy of the book. The story is so much more complex, the characters are so deep and interesting and the men are so much more evil than they had been portrayed in the movie.

It was funny in spots but I found this book to be way more complex and what these men had done to their wives and the world around them was something else. The wives might be men-haters in most of the book, but along with this being chick lit, it has romance and each one of our jilted women find love somewhere along the line. Shallow they are not. Obsessed yes, but shallow no.

There was a lot of insider trading going on in the book, not so with the movie. It really brought back to me the late 80's and the 90's and not in a good way!

Here is one difference -in the movie Annie's daughter turns out to be a lesbian -not so in the book. In the book she has Down's Syndrome, but someone else turns out to be a lesbian.

We learn a lot more about Cynthia and her husband Gil is sort of the focus of all the wrong doing going on in this book. And Morty isn't the gruff but sweet man he was in the movie.

This was a totally fun and engrossing read for a book of this particular genre and this age.