What We Find

What We Find - Robyn Carr This may be a difficult book for some readers to get into and to stick with -at least at first. It was tedious, with stilted characters and no emotional tug to them. That lack of emotional interest changes as the story progresses. Mark me well though -the character's never get 'overly' emotional, not how it can be played out in some romances using younger,greener character's. These two are in their late thirties and early forties and have already lived and learned a great deal.

Actually it seemed to me to be a near classic case of tell not show and that annoyed me. However, once I got used to the authors style of writing I began to look underneath the lack of emotion for what it really was. Two wounded characters trying to hold themselves together.

An interesting aspect to this novel is that after about 40% of the book is done parts of the book are told in Maggie and Cals separate voices, often times with them doing their own thing, but at the same time thinking about each other and fixing their lives-separately.

This was not a true 'romance' at least not in my eyes. Yes, there was steamy sex and a HEA but this was still different; something better than a 'romance'. It was what real life could be for us if we were fictional character's in a good writers hands.

There was really very little angst in a book that could have been riddled with it, and I want to thank Ms Carr with every drop of my being!