Not Quite Dating (Not Quite series)

Not Quite Dating (Not Quite series) - Catherine Bybee This was an adorable story; a contemporary romance, of what happens when a very, very rich man wants a woman who will love him for himself and not his money.

Jessica is a single mom who is trying to make ends meet on a Denny's waitress paycheck. Jack Morrison is the super rich man who questions the intentions of the women he dates. They happen to meet one night while Jessie is working and Jack gets it into his head to see just what would happen if this woman didn't know how rich he was.

This story started out a tad slowly and a little unbelievably but quickly morphed into something that kept my attention and made me feel as if I just HAD to know how this would all work out. The characters were well drawn and interesting, although Danny, Jessica's son, seemed a little too good to be a true 5 year old! The plot was interesting and engaging, everything flowed well and I was left not only satisfied, but wishing there was more to the story.

I have never read anything by this author, but if any of her other books are as good as this one was, I'll have to buy them all.