How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back

How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back - Sophie Barnes How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back

Poor Miss Rutherford; she has been jilted just when she thought her long time dear friend Adrian was going to make his proposal public at a ball given by his mother. Now what is she going to do to keep her and her two sisters from the poor house? She really did love Adrian, or so she thought. Adrian’s cousin Francis comes to the rescue for Emily when she leaves the ball in all haste. Now Francis is the exact opposite of Adrian; he is brooding, cranky and sometimes downright unpleasant and although he and Emily have been friends since childhood Emily, just does not care for his dark manner now. What she doesn’t know is that Francis is hiding a secret. A secret that he has kept to himself for years.

This was a pleasant and very steamy romance, which is not surprising in the least given that even Regency Romances have moved with the times. It is by no means you mother’s old time Bodice ripper although there was just such a scene in this book. The characters are well written and have depth, and the narrative will keep you interested. The plot of just what Francis is hiding was quite interesting and a somewhat fresh concept for me. The dialogue was just a little melodramatic, but keeps true to the period the author has chosen.

I loved the secondary stories of the two sisters and really would have loved reading separate books written about them instead of concluding their stories in this one. This story had a lot of sly humor. There are some steamy scenes and even one before they gotten married

This was a great book to curl up with for a few hours and will be something you may even want to read more than once. I will be looking forward to more Regency’s written by this author.