Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces - Heather Gudenkauf Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf

Clueless and Missing Almost Everything

Sarah’s husband of twenty years –Jack – has secrets…a lot of them. If it were not for the fact that they needed to go back to Jack’s hometown because of an accident in the family, we naturally wouldn’t know about these secrets and there would have been no book. (Sorry I couldn’t resist).

Now this apparent ‘accident’ turns into a case of murder and Sarah, who was an investigative reporter before she turned advice columnist, ends up suspecting everyone –though of course not the real murderer. Plus to add to this book –Sarah disregards actually CLUES that are sent directly to her. She was supposed to have been an investigative reporter and missed something as obvious as these clues being sent to her??? Or am I missing something here?

The only reason I didn’t give up on this book at the ¾ mark was to see if my idea of who-dun-it was correct and it was.

This was a very slow moving book that seems to really miss the mark – on nearly every level and could have used an editor or at least a better one. I could not warm up to any of the characters, none of them. Books that us the cliché of making everyone a suspect are usually spine tingling –this one just fell flat for me. It was just a tad too obvious as to who really did it.

*ARC supplied by publisher.