The Last Victim: A Novel

The Last Victim: A Novel - Karen Robards A Doctor, an FBI agent and the ghost of a serial killer try to solve a case -- does this sound like the start of a bad joke? No, it is not really a joke, but the book itself will be a little difficult for some to swallow and the premise teeters on the knife-edge of being jokish.

I grant you that ghosts are now becoming the in thing to write about but in this case I think the author takes it one little step too far. Charlie (the criminal pathologist) is interviewing a hottie serial killer when another inmate kills him. What Charlie never seems to tell anyone is that she sees ghost. This time the hottie ghost, Michael Garland, stays with her, attaches to her and they, uhm, interact with each other – hotly, sexily!

I see that this is the first book in what appears to be a dualogy and I am sure that this relationship between really intelligent and well respected Doctor will make a whole lot more sense n the second book, but I could barely get through this book with a straight face let alone subject myself to another one.

The characters are fully fleshed, (so to speak) the mystery is somewhat interesting yet not altogether too complicated. The main character Charlie was difficult for me to like, or empathize with. I found her to be annoying. A lot of my problem with this novel is that I had to suspend my disbelief to the point that I might have well been reading fantasy instead of trying to read this like a mystery/romance that it is advertised as.