One For The Money

One For The Money  - Janet Evanovich In the larger scheme of things, my review at this point in time would be anti-climatic, since this book has been out for so long. But I did a re-read recently and felt that I just had to chime in.

I remember when I first read this back in the '90 when it first came out. Reading this book had me not only at the edge of my chair, but occasionally rolling on the floor with laughter. As time went by and more and more of these books came out, I found myself to be very invested in this series. Many people think that Ms Evanovich should give up and pack it in I say - don't do it.

----------->SPOILERISH FOR FUTURE BOOKS<-------------------------<br/>Many reviewers might not agree with me, but I have certainly seen Stephanie grow from the bumbling near failure in book one to something resembling a real kick-butt bounty hunter, who just happens to be in love with 2 different men, in the more recent books. (I'm a Ranger fan myself!)

AAnyway - this was a great book for the time period and it has withstood the passage of time and an attempt to make a movie out of it. One For The Money. The story is one of the best and pretty much one of the scariest, since Steph is just learning the ropes. In this book she bites off a bit more than she can chew when she takes on the bounty on Joe Morelli's head. Because he is a Trenton cop, he knows how to be slick and to stay in the wind, so to Speaker. These two had an interesting relationship while growing up in the "Burg Joe was always trying to get into Stephie's panties and eventually he does. And then suffers broken leg for his meager efforts!

There is a fabulous murder mystery going on as well as the faintest flame of romance. There is a lot of comical happening too. Don't forget that this is the first book in the series and Ms. Evanovich is struggling to form the main characters, their backgrounds and also the secondary and tertiary characters too. Many of these we will see again in the coming books.

It is an enjoyable and fast read, just perfect for the beach or a rainy or snowy weekend