Mountain Man

Mountain Man - Diana Palmer This was not a book that in being re-published had anything that the modern woman would enjoy. I haven't yet done a google search to see when this was first published, but since the woman is a secretary an d still uses a typewriter and takes stenography and the 'hero' smokes'....well I guess that would make this a true historical wouldn't it?

I tried to get into the story, as it is a common one -man had been discarded harshly by the love of his life after a life changing accident. Woman he meets and finally has some interest in, lies to him.

But the story-line just wasn't subtle enough for me or even sexy enough...I grant you that not every romance should all end in sex, but this electricity between them was just a little ridiculous.

The heroine is a hot little 22 year old who will remain a virgin no matter what the hero is 11 years older and will not take advantage of her (no matter how she leads him on). Trite, overdone and I think it should have been slightly rewritten to update to today's readers. OR at least given today's readers enough information in the description to let them know what they would be getting into.