The Summer of Good Intentions: A Novel

The Summer of Good Intentions: A Novel - Wendy Francis I can't rant about this book nor can I rave about it. All I can say is that it was more depressing than I would have liked to have read over the Fourth of July weekend.

Three grown up sisters, a set of divorced parents (mother with her "boy" toy!) and a beach house...naturally each family is having some sort of crisis/issues and hopefully a month/two weeks/week at the family beach house should put things into perspective. Discussions with your sisters over copious glasses of wine or fruity drinks should help you figure out what you want to do -no this doesn't happen though. this book is filled with nothing you have come to expect for a summer beach read.

I could not connect with any of the characters. They were too cliched for my tastes. I felt that too many tragedies befell this family over the space of a couple of weeks. I was depressed reading this. Frankly, to be honest I could not finish this book - how could things get better when one of the main characters is diagnosed with a fatal disease?

*ARC supplied by publisher.