Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador Book 1)

Date Night on Union Station (EarthCent Ambassador Book 1) - E. M. Foner This could have really been a great book if it had only been as funny as advertised. I apparently have a different sense of humor than most others.

Some of the plot was quite good and if we stuck with the whole matchmaking story line, this might have been a knee slapping, hearty chuckling, good book -but the author didn't and that's a shame.

I found that the trials and tribulations of Kelly to not be as humorous as it could have been. The never-ending discussions of gaming was annoying to someone who doesn't game, and the abrupt ending was...well, abrupt and it didn't make much sense. I do assume that this was because this probably was never meant to be a series. But the idea of one date and a marriage the same night in a back alley by an Elvis look-a-like was just too hockey for me.

I will be buying the next book because I did find the secondary characters interesting and can see that there is the chance that the story and writing will evolve into something I can relate to.