The Husband Show (Willing to Wed)

The Husband Show (Willing to Wed) - Kristine Rolofson I loved this book and the romance between Aurora and Jake. I loved finding out about Aurora's background and seeing Jake 'man up'.

I love the fact that these are very 'clean' romances, but that you can still feel the sizzle. It is nice to read something where there isn't a swear word every other sentence and I'm not having to read about 'juices' and other bodily secretions! (not that I don't love a good sex scene on occasion, I just like a break no and again).

However, I am very unhappy that this book seems to be the end of what could have been a fairly long running series. There are so many other character's that needed fixing up and seemed to have interesting back-rounds that could have been fleshed out into books.