Corpse of Discovery (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries)

Corpse of Discovery (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries) - B.B. Cantwell I really loved the first book in this series Murdermobile (Portland Bookmobile Mysteries) (Volume 1)(if it is going to be a series) however, this second book seems almost as if another person wrote the book. Considering the author is really a husband and wife team, I have to wonder if they are trading off who writes which book?

The voice and style is not the one that I fell in love with. The mystery took an extreme back seat to the history lessons and the descriptions of towns/area. It was somewhat interesting, but I was looking forward to a cozy mystery with everything else being background 'noise' so to speak.

There was no excitement, not even the final chapters that were suspiciously similar ----->SPOILER<---- (another slow speed chase???)---->END OF SPOILER<----- to the climax of Murdermobile, the first book. I'm disappointed in this novel but not enough to keep me from reading a third installment when and if there is one.