Prince of Ravenscar

Prince of Ravenscar - Catherine Coulter AS part of the Sherbrooke series, you may think that you need to read the other books to understand what is going on in this one. I had not read any of the others and had no problem as this is written in what can be considered a “stand alone” type novel. And it is a good thing too because I didn’t know enough about this author or her books to invest in more of them.

Nicholas needs to remarry, or at least that is what his mother believes. Of course, he doesn’t think so and is going to balk at any attempt to marry him off. Especially when he finds out that his mother’s prospect, Sophie, the daughter of his mother’s best friend, is 12 years his junior.

Nicholas’s first wife, Lily, died under suspicious circumstances…was it murder at Nicholas’s hand or was it suicide? On the other hand, was a third party involved? What a mystery! This book seems to be more about the mystery surrounding Lily’s death, and her brother Richard’s insistence that Nicholas killed her, than the romance between Nicholas and Sophie.
An interesting secondary story involves Nicholas’ nephew Devlin and Sophie’s aunt Roxanne. Even though this book should have kept me interested, I had a hard time caring for these characters, although I am not sure if it was the characters themselves I didn’t like or the situations that the author forced on them. The characters were well drawn, at times funny and always witty with that English dry sense of humor, so I think my dissatisfaction lies in the plot itself.