The Border

The Border - Robert R. McCammon
This book is an interesting mix of Robert’s earlier work Swan Song, mixed with Stephen King’s The Stand add a healthy dose of War of the Worlds and stir. Then you shake all these up and add a smidgen of comic book action –Zombies, flesh eating and shape shifting, Area 54 - to it you will have The Border.

This was a great book, although pontificating and plodding at times; then there are other times that it just felt it was going at warp speed. Some of this book really made me philosophical and had me pondering the state of our universe, the world cockiness as to how we think we are ‘the big bad’ and what may or may not be out there; some other parts just made me roll my eyes.

It seemed to me that the characters had not been fleshed out very well. I never really felt for any of the characters. I never had any sympathy for what they were going through nor did I ever feel enough about them to have any empathy for them. Learning about Ethan –what he was becoming, what he was is a fascinating aspect of this book. I wish this aspect had been explored a bit more. I never thought I would say this about a book, but I think it should have been maybe 200 to 250 pages longer and then it really could have fleshed the characters more, made the story seem less comic bookish and made more of an impression on me.