Half Moon Hill: A Destiny Novel (Destiny, Ohio)

Half Moon Hill: A Destiny Novel (Destiny, Ohio) - Toni Blake Half Moon Hill by Toni Blake

This is part of a series, and if you have a liking for classic novels that have been updated, then this book may suit your fancy. I tried one of Toni Blake’s’ other books a while back with the novel Willow Springs: A Destiny Novel and found it not to be my cup of tea. I wanted to give this author another shot, since so many people rate her books so highly. I found that this second novel was just as frustrating and disagreeable as the first one I read.

This story is to some extent, mimicking Beauty and the Beast and not doing a very good job of it. The characters have so much inner angst that there is very nearly no dialogue between the protagonists – it is mostly just the inner-dialogue holding this novel together. The premise is interesting –a woman who is opening up a Band B is out in the woods one day picking blackberries and comes across what looks to be a vagrant. She hurts her ankle and the ‘’vagrant’ who is living in her woods helps her. He has a scar (a minor one) and thinks of himself as horrible to look upon. She is having problems adapting to her new life. She had been kidnapped as a young girl, has just found out about it, and is just now learning about her new/old family and dealing with the fall-out of not feeling as if she belongs.
The townspeople are quirky and somewhat interesting, but each one is in so much pain that I could not lose myself in this book.

I am not a fan of books where the protagonist inner-dialogue and just assume what the other person is thinking. I know that this is a tried-and-true method of authors to wring a story out, but it does not work for me.

Finally, Duke is an ex bike gang member –and I find it a bit trite that the author has him speaking in clichés. Of course, I do know that a cliché is a cliché because it is true. However, it can also be a cliché because the author cannot produce something unique.