Devil's Bride

Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens I realize that this book was first published some 14 years ago. And if this would have been my first ever historical romance I would have read it an never picked up another one of this genre again. I understand tastes change, so I may be looking at this book with a new centuries pair of eyes. I'm looking for some action, intrigue and well fleshed out characters that I can actually like. I can't help thinking that this is one of the most boring books I have ever read in this genre.

The mystery is not there, actually there really is no story at all other than the first half of the book being taken up by Devil trying to force (for lack of a better word) Honoria to agree to marry him. What really gets me is that he decided to marry her as they sat and watched his dear cousin die of a gun shot wound. Oh, I forgot to mention that this is when they met, on the road as Honoria was helping Devils cousin Tolly after he had been found shot in the chest.

The characters have no depth whatsoever and are actually quite annoying, especially Honoria who always seems to have her chin stuck up in the air. They are shallow and vain and single minded. I repeat that there was really no story since you have an idea right from the very start just who shot Tolly and what they are really after.

The writing is extremely flowery and much of it just feels like filler. There is a lot of self-serving introspection going on when there could have been real conversations and real action.

Yes this book for Kindle was only .99 cents (at this time) but the price did not justify the time it took for me to read it.
Also be aware that if you do buy it on your Kindle that some parts of it are very messed up, with sentences that are not in order and there are a lot of formatting errors beside that.