Sunset in Central Park (Hqn)

Sunset in Central Park (Hqn) - Sarah Morgan The is no reason why you would HAVE to read the first book in this series (trilogy?) since this can be seen as a stand alone book.

This was a mildly enjoyable romance novel that follows the formula to a T.

The heroine is full of self-recrimination, distrusts men to the point that she is obsessive and panics whenever a man comes to talk to her. However, not with her male friend of many years (naturally) a friend that she, of course has the hots for and he for her.

A little (okay a LOT) of angst, self-recrimination and over the top (to me) and lengthy inner-dialogue.
Any character growth that happens will be with Frankie and it will happen just in the last tenth of the book.

On a happy note for those that care, even though it takes Frankie and Matt more than 50% nearly 60% of the book to consummate their relationship, it was quite steamy.

Things naturally clear up for the ending.

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