Tippy Toe Murder

Tippy Toe Murder - Leslie Meier On one hand I wanted to give this book a solid 5 stars because I love Lucy and her family. I love the era that these earlier books are set in (a time before cell phones as cheap and common tools of the everyday, having a video camera that costs more than a thousand dollars!) and I adore the setting of Tinker's Cove. I liked learning about how spouse abuse was handled in this time period and the murderer was difficult to really figure out (plenty of red-herrings).

I also wanted to give it a one star because of what I really thought doesn't fit in a typical cozy. Now I realize that this is not a typical cozy series. What I hated was the brief passages about child abuse and even infant abuse, by the child's own father. Yes, I know it is more common than I really want to know about...but not in my cozy mystery. However, this abuse was an integral part of the secondary story line.

So I took my 5 stars and one star and settled on a 3 star rating.

The story itself was an interesting one or should I say, both stories were interesting. One story dealt with the disappearance of a beloved elderly ballet teacher who I thought had been murdered. I thought that this was who the story would revolve around. But I was wrong. The murder mystery actually was about someone else. An elderly really nasty man and everyone thought that the murderer was someone who had (maybe), years ago killed her husband. Read to the end…it was sure a surprise to me!