Waiting For Armando

Waiting For Armando - Judith K Ivie 2.5 stars

This novel seems to be in the vein of a Jessica Fletcher mystery but in an urban setting. If anyone is mistaking Hartford for some cozy little back-water they have made a mistake! This is a sophisticated city and the Capitol of Connecticut. Now why did I feel it was important to tell you this? Because some of the things happening in this book, would never ever happen here or most probably any police department in the country, back-water or not.

Kate Lawrence has left her prestigious and highly stressful job and has decided to down-scale what she does for a living. She decides to apply for an assistant position in a high powered law firm in the Capitol. The law partners are typically annoying, in a cliched sort of way and they treat their support staff like children.

One day soon after she has started her job, Ms. Lawrence comes upon a scene of one of the partners in a fight with his assistant and a a few days later he is found dead. And guess who finds him? Yes, Kate, of course! And being a mystery naturally he is dead under suspicious circumstances and his assistant Ingrid Torvalson, is one of the main suspects.

Now Ingrid has become a rather good friend of our Kate so naturally Kate jumps at the chance to help her out. And this is where knowing that this is a sophisticated city comes in handy. Ingrid and Katherine have been called down to headquarters; they know not why. It has not been announced just how Alain has been killed (yes it was murder) but both of these women seem to be under suspicion. Now imagine, going to see the Detectives on the case and the detectives instead of grilling you, takes you into their confidences not only telling you nearly all the information on how he died, what exactly was used to kill him (multiple natural poisons) but the Detectives asking for your help? This all seemed to force me to suspend my disbelief a little too much.

So now Kate Ingrid and assorted other mad cap women are running around Connecticut trying to build a case for the police. Meanwhile there are several other little plots going on involving Kate's Homeowners Association and her man-friend Armando. (who we never really connect with because he leave soon after we meet him)

All the evidence is used to throw a rather large and overly obvious red herring at you. And when the denouement is unveiled it was like Ms Ivie just plucked a person out of thin air and said- "you I'll make it you who did it!" yes there was a minuscule foreshadowing, but not enough to give you multiple suspects. And multiples really livens things up in a mystery!

Now the editing---yes as another reviewer has pointed out the editing was atrocious. It may have been fixed, but how in the world did something like this pass by---"Margo flapped the men of her dress to stir the air over her legs." I nearly had an embarrassing accident while I was laughing like a loon after I deciphered that one!

So this was a quick read, but not one that was worth my $3.00.