When We Touch

When We Touch  - Brenda Novak I've only read one other book by Ms. Novak and for some reason I never went back to her. Then I picked up this novella and based on how well this was written and how good it made me feel, I started buying more of her books. I have now finished the first full sized book in this series When Lightning Strikes and it was truly worth reading this novella to get a taste of what her other work will be like.

So about this novella...what can I say but that it afforded me several hours of perfect escapism and fantasy. I love that it is sexy without being just another romance with a bunch of erotica (not that there is anything wrong with erotica!) ;-) and a tiny bit of plot/character building.

This book sort of reminded me of the movie 27 Dresses, in that they both use the emotions of sisters to illustrate certain points. They both take one sister who is in love with someone (Olivia) and have the other sister (Noelle)be the one to marry the man in question. They both have the 'jilted' sister be the wedding planner too.

For a novella there was a great deal of character building and some back story.

This was a great book and be sure to read the next book so that you find out (very briefly - so brief that you might miss it) what happens to Noelle and Kyle. Be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy.