Dragon Fall

Dragon Fall - Katie MacAlister I can't say that I hated this book, but I cannot say that I loved it either. I loved the fact that we got to visit with so many of our old friends (I had stopped reading this series, so seeing people like Aisling, Drake, Rene and Jim again was fun for me). On the other hand, to end this book with a cliff-hanger? This is not like the Katie I remember from so long ago when this series first started. But, maybe her writing style has changed in this series?

Yes the romance was well established, but the ending of this book ...well let me put it this way, I was reading and quite happy and then all of a sudden the screen to rate the book came up. Shocked the heck out of me. I really don't like what could be construed as an almost blatant maneuver to get us to by the next book.

Yes, I know we need more books in which to get the old bad guy, but the ending still seemed very abrupt. And THAT I did not like.