Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7)

 Product DetailsIncludes short story Magic Tests.

Magic Tests (at the end of the main book) is all about Julie and the fact that she is checking out a new school to go to. This story takes place before the events in Magic Breaks. It is a really wonderful story that shows Julie in all of her magical glory and the fact that her apple did not fall far from the tree, even though she isn't Kate's natural daughter. She is being tested in a most unusual way - by hunting down a missing student.

No Spoilers

Wow…this book is just WOW!

If you have been a fan of the series and have followed the series from the start and if you have followed the Andrews BLOG at all or even the gossip, you will know that this was supposed to have been the last book in the series. This one would have been the final confrontation; the one that ended the sweet anticipation of what will happen when Kate finally confronts her father Roland. Luckily, for us the series has been picked up for more books.

This book starts off very interesting - it has a 'Character List' though not one that includes every character from every book. Mostly they are the characters that will play a huge part in this book. It is very handy to have.

Then we have "From the Journal of Barabas Gillliam" which is invaluable in bringing the reader up-to-date on the series, or you can rather consider it a refresher. Told in a totally different voice than Kate's book (more like Curran's voice), it was a blast to read.

An interesting quote from this journal is the last line---->

"There is a storm gathering on our horizon. We will make a stand, but I wonder if it will matter in the end."

This book is what other authors have tried to do and failed miserably. When one story ARC ends, they should have been able to slip over to something new but these other authors just could not manage it. The Andrews do manage to do so and do it flawlessly and seamlessly, with style, skill and panache.

That is not to say that this book was utterly perfect. There are some tiny problems that I personally had with some of the story telling. Some parts had been dragged out until I was started to get frustrated. My heart can only take so much! Thanks to the Andrews team deft skill they know just when to add some of Kate’s and Curran’s snarky humor to lighten up an almost overly tense scenes.

While it is true that the main story ARC has reached a finale of sorts, (and not in the way I would have expected or liked, but in a better way) it opens completely new and surprisingly interesting possibilities for the series. This is going to be great! I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in the next few books that the team has been contracted to write!

This book has some very fantastic character growth for many people. Unfortunately there are no deaths of anyone very significant…hint, hint. We do finally get to meet Roland and he is not as I (or Kate or Curran) expected…well at least not totally. He is actually a better character than the one I had imagined. He is someone that I think I will enjoy trying to figure out and reading about in the coming books. Combine Evil with Ward Cleaver and you get Roland…sort of. If you can imagine a Father like this you have Roland!

There is a lot going on in the time the story takes place and it is a much shorter amount of time than you can imagine.

I am so itching to add some real spoilers, but that would just be so wrong of me. ;-)


Readers should not be surprised at how this book ends. Kate and Curran had talked about something like this once before in a past book. As a matter of fact, it was Curran who made a suggestion to Kate similar to what happens here.